A new quality on the Polish dance scene

Polish Dance Network is the first formalised co-operation between institutions and organisations that support the development of contemporary dance in Poland. Each season, the Polish Dance Network Partners choose the most interesting works of Polish independent artists and institutional dance companies, which form a joint repertoire toured within the network over the next year.

The network supports mobility of selected productions, promotes artists and encouradges the implementation of good practices in the professional dance environment. It contributes signifficantly to the creation of conditions and structures supporting the circulation of contemporary dance art in Poland and works towards integrating the dance scene through the exchange of different dance aesthetics.

Founding of the Polish Dance Network, Lublin 19.11.2017

Current Partners

The Polish Dance Network is made up of courageous and determined people - managers and directors of institutions supporting Dance Art for years. The network was created as a bottom-up initiative, created in a spirit of exchange and respect for differing artistic visions.

The 2019 edition of the Polish Dance Network is created by founding institutions: Lublin Dance Theater , Kielce Dance Theater , Rozbark Theatre, Cracow Choreographic Centre , Old Brewery New Dance programme , Regional Cross Culture Centre, and new partners: Polka dot Foundation , Mościce Art Centre , Krotoszyn Culture Centre , Suwałki Cultural Centre , Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw and Dance Art Centre in Warsaw in cooperation with the Masovian Institute of Culture.

The main organizer of the Polish Dance Network is the Institute of Music and Dance.

The network supports the circulation of native productions, presenting Polish Dance Art in all its colorful diversity.

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