centrifugal fascination_ two three four

Anna Piotrowska

The triptych entitled “fascynat odśrodkowy_dwatrzycztery” is a co-production of the Center of Dance Art and Dance Development Foundation_eferte created by Anna Piotrowska for her 44th birthday. The performance consists of: “ce_real mothers”, “composition_third reality“ and “no man’s land“. The main reason for creating the triptych was the desire to face the issue of composition through settings and numerical relations in space, which have been explored about the aspect of relationship, art and philosophy.

The main theme of Anna Piotrowska’s choreographic project “centrifugal fascintation_ two three four” was the a fascination with the composition that appeared in three choreographic forms: a duo, a trio and a quartet. It is important that the choreographer created works from the inside, dealing not only with the composition, but also with the relationships in its internal perspective. Importantly, various personal and formal aspects of the relationship and presence in the relationship have been raised in it.


      • In the first and the second part, the daughters of Anna Piotrowska, namely Aleksandra and Małgorzata, appeared on the stage for the first time. This is a very important moment not only for personal reason, but also as a token of the great curiosity of Piotrowska as an artist of how a family relationship can operate in a professional world. She is curious how passion and understanding of the world translate into working with her daughters who have always been behind the scenes in her artistic world.


Another important artistic meeting is the performance “composition_the third reality” with Joanna Chitruszko, with whom Piotrowska previously realised three performances: “kwadrat w szafie”, “zmianAA pogody” and “PRZY PRZY the hedonistic unpleasant history of pleasure”. The inspiration was the work of the artist Hans Bellmer, including his famous installation “Lalki”. The performance is about mutual fascination, faithfulness and faith in what artists create together.

The last proposal is a quartet which through the participation of the choreographer also becomes very personal. The process was inspired by the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. “No man’s land” was born out of the absolute presence of a dancer who is in a state of emptiness and confined to a small area, establishing himself in relationships without a relationship. The centrifugal personality configuration consists of: Anna Piotrowska, Kamil Bończyk, Alexey Torgunakov and musician Dominik “Domix” Franusik.

      • production
      • co-production: Centrum Sztuki Tańca in Warsaw, eferte Fundacja Rozwoju Tańca
      • partners: Dom Kultury Kadr / Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ / Art Foundation PERFORM
      • cooperation: Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, mufmi
      • project co-financed by the city of Warsaw


      • “ce_real mothers”
      • duration: 25 min
      • performers: Anna Piotrowska, Małgorzata Piotrowska
      • “kompozycja_trzecia rzeczywistość”
      • duration: 30 min
      • performers: Joanna Chitruszko, Anna Piotrowska, Aleksandra Piotrowska
      • “ziemia niczyja”
      • duration: 60 min
      • performers: Anna Piotrowska, Kamil Bończyk, Alexey Torgunakov, Dominik „Domix” Franusik
      • scenography: Adam Królikowski

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