Kaj Dzias

Living Space Theatre

It is believed that you can always hear the music where the Gypsies are, even if there is no food to eat. That makes their life easier.
From rituals, magic, songs, dances and journeys to robbery and persecutions.
A story told from different perspectives. Sometimes a little bit poetic, but sometimes extremely literal.About Gypsies? About humans?

Feel invited to the meeting with weirdos, aliens, artists…
We want to understand something about us by looking at the others.

This colorful collage of music, song and dance is an opportunity for the spectator to get to know an alternative world. We ask ourselves a question: did Roma people have a specific destination? What about us? Wandering, as an important theme of the performance, does not apply only to the Gypsies. Inspired by their travels around the world in search of a goal, we explore our desires, fears and uncertainties, visions of personal and universal destination. In addition to the perspective of presenting Roma culture – their song, dance, language, energy and sense of community, we introduce the theme of “hate” and intolerance towards national minorities.

Creating the performance was based on consultations with the expert of knowledge about the Roma culture – Adam Bartosz from the District Museum in Tarnów.

      • creation and performance
      • Natalia Dinges, Anna Mikuła, Grzegorz Łabuda, Jakub Margosiak
      • Muzyka: Izabela Płachta (violin), Kornel Uriasz (accordeon), Miłosz Potoczny (guitar)
      • Musical arrangement
      • Marcin Słonina
      • Music coordination
      • Katarzyna Wrona
      • technician
      • Paweł Urbanowicz
      • scenography and costumes
      • Magdalena Paw, Małgorzata Cichoń, Grzegorz Łabuda
      • duration
      • 50 min
      • production
      • Living Space Theatre and Mościce Art Centre in Tarnowie
      • The production of this work was co-financed by the Mayor of Tarnów and the Municipality of Tarnów in the form of an artistic scholarship for Jakub Margosiak and Anna Mikuła.
      • partners
      • Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow – Dance Theater Department in Bytom, Art School Complex in Tarnów, Music School Complex in Tarnów, D.H. Zenit in Tarnów


This work in Polish Dance Network supports Mościce Art Centre in Tarnów