Durski | Kania | Stanek | Ustowska

Our current knowledge about the so-called reality suggests rather sensibly that the universe is made of tiny elementary particles and their so-called motions. Their number is infinite. That is, there is always one more. So some of them stick together. And last longer this way.
Galaxies, people fruit. All more or less complex clumps of particles. An innate mental block seldom lets you think about yourselves this way. Seeing the self and the world as an abstract glob of particles leads to uncomfortable conclusions.
„Sailor” Norman Leto

The performance begins with dance. The dance begins with interactions of bodies, sounds, and objects. Bodies and objects begin in the bodily “collective” and concentrate on its creative and destructive power.

A form that starts to shape itself leads to different discoveries of potentialities, dynamics, and limitations. “One” is driven by a constant fascination with building and deconstructing, sense and nonsense, the whole and the “black hole”. Through challenging the idea of performative form, it is balancing between a form of experiment and entertainment. It is built on poetic dialogue between subject and collective. The spaces in between sounds, dances and movements are filled with questions about who are we as subjects, and how we can “be” and create “together”.

      • The reality we crate in the performance is composed of numerous paradoxes. We attempt to find a conterpoint to the process of dissolution and the black hole phenomenon. I am not sure how to answer that question but I think that our reality and the world in which we live funtions on the basis of binary oppositions and by being situated within these oppositions we experience tensions between us.


      • dramaturgy
      • Katarzyna Kania
      • music
      • Michał Drabczyk
      • lighting design
      • Michał Kołodziej
      • artistic guidance
      • Katarzyna Chmielewska, Leszek Bzdyl
      • duration
      • 60 min
      • production
      • Theatre Dada von Bzdülöw Associacion, Teatr Wybrzeże, Gdańsk City with the help of the City Hall


The work in Polish Dance Network is supported by Polka dot foundation from Gdańsk.