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The entire childhood we’ve heard “be polite”, “behave yourself”. But what does it mean exactly? It’s interesting if our parents were fully aware of what kind of people they are shaping and “what will become of us”. We invite you to a performance about the influence of the principles instilled in our childhood on our adult life. This will be a performance about adolescence, including physical and mental, about memories and their strength, about adulthood and expectations connected with it. It will be a performance about women, girls, teenagers, mothers and daughters and their relationships, which are often difficult to understand.

      • dancers
      • Anna Chmiel-Kowalska, Monika Świeca, Dominika Wiak, Marta Wołowiec
      • music
      • Marcin Janus
      • duration
      • 70 min
      • producer
      • Cracow Choreographic Centre – Nowa Huta Cultural Centre


The work in Polish Dance Network supports Cracow Choreographic Centre