Wojciech Mochniej

We_selle is a multimedia project combining the essence of the Physical Theater, various contemporary dance techniques, performance, improvisation with video projections and soundscapes. The starting point and cornerstone of the performance is the wedding ceremony, an event which which uniquely specific way shows personalities of the wedding guests, their complex relationships and their need of convenances daily routine. This is a breakthrough moment in the life of a married couple, associated with tradition and an attempt to maintain its continuity. Wedding is not only a party time but also an opportunity to scrutinise each other, to undertake self-examinatione, and thus to create ourselves in the eyes of others.

There are echoes of the classical works in this performance: Wyspiański’s “Wedding”, from which the motive for the breakdown of community and interpersonal relations is taken, as well as “Wedding” by Gombrowicz that has been employed to illustrate the defiance of social norms and communication problems in human relations. We_selle also abounds in references to contemporary and popular culture, for example, Wojciech Smarzowski’s films, where he treated the wedding as a situation that brings to light human defects e and the demons that stay asleep in each individual.

      • „(…)Mochniej’s choreography is extremely dynamic, effective, consistently referring to the everyday movement; only in some fragments the choreography refers to the ballet, evoking echoes of Pina Bausch’s (…) The expressive music of Wojciech Frycz adds (even more!) energy, along with the visualizations which carry connotations of the typical Polish images: ears of grain or trees over the water. Paradoxically, with this whole stage staggering stunt, “We_selle” seems to be a very intimate, personal performance. It is a bitter (but at the same time full of affection) look at the contemporary Poland (…)”


      • artistic director
      • Melissa Monteros
      • dramaturgy
      • Marcin Miętus
      • artists
      • Daniela Komędera, Katarzyna Kubalska, Dominika Wiak, Monika Witkowska,
        Katarzyna Pawłowska, Tomasz Ciesielski, Wojciech Kaproń, Wojciech Mochniej, Paweł
      • light concept
      • Steve Isom, Wojciech Mochniej
      • lighting technician
      • Grzegorz Polak
      • music
      • Wojtek Frycz
      • assistant
      • Odessa Johnston
      • duration
      • 70 min
      • producer
      • Aleksandra Machnik
      • production
      • The performance produced in cooperation with The Institute of Music and Dance as a part of the “Choreographic Commmissions Program 2018”
      • Production Rozbark Theatre, m7 Production, W&M Dance Projects
      • Partners : Lublin Dance Theatre , Lublin Cultur Centre

This work in supported in Polish Dance Network by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw