Alicja Berejowska fot. Jakub Kosiarz

fot. Jakub Kosiarz

Alicja Berejowska

Polish Dance Network Coordinator

Events organizer, culture manager, PR and communication expert. Currently, coordinator of Polish Dance Network and Warsaw Dance Days - International Festival of Contemporary Dance. For almost 10 years associated with artistic environment from the organizational and productional side. After an internship at Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, she worked for a performative program Old Brewery New Dance, TRAFO – Center for Contemporary Art in Szczecin as well Mazovian Institute of Culture. Meanwhile, she gained 5 years of experience within public relations industry, including working in PR agency, international corporation and as a freelancer, implementing PR and CSR projects for such clients/brands as: Agora, Anacomito, AXN, Budimex, Carlsberg, Slow Group, KCR, Ministry of Health, PWN, Sony Pictures Television and Ubisoft. Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, B.A. in cultural studies with a specialization in theater and performance, as well M.A. in journalism and social communication. Diploma dancer of State Ballet Center in Szczecin.