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Anna Piotrowska

Choreographer, director, contemporary dance teacher, dancer and performer, as well the founder and president of the eferte_Dance Development Foundation ( in Warsaw, producer. Founder and artistic director of “mufmi” dance theatre in Warsaw (1995). Piotrowska was the artistic head of ROZBARK Dance Company in ROZBARK Theatre in Bytom (2014-2018). Since 1996, she has created over 115 performances.

PhD degree at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, at the Department of Choir Conducting, Music Education, Church Music, Rhythmics and Dance. Her doctoral thesis was entitled: “Process, constructure, structure – the space of theater and dance dependence on the example of the diploma performance of the PWST WTT students titled TRANSDYPTYK”. Piotrowska observes, among others, process work, the role of improvisation and emotions in creating movement, as well as exploring the creation of characters in the dance theater.

Pedagogue of the Academy of Music in Lodz at the choreography department. Teacher of PWST – State Theatre School in Krakow at the Dance Department. Teacher of contemporary dance, improvisation, dance composition, forms and structures of dance theatre. She leads her own education program “process and creation of a character in dance theatre”.

In 2015, in her capacity as director she received two main awards at two monodrama theatre festivals: Grand Prix in Warsaw and Audience Prize in Koszalin for a play dedicated to the great Artist Tadeusz Kantor. She received the Gold Mask 2016, the theatre prize for her artistic activity in ROZBARK.

Piotrowska was a jury member of Solo Dance Contest in Gdańsk (2017), she also coached two artistic residencies in Gdańsk Dance Festival and taught workshops for the National Theatre in Miscolc in Hungary (2017&2018). In 2018, she received the Main Prize at ShakespeareOFF theatre festival for the performance “bless the king…”

In her artistic thinking, she is interested in improvisation and body & mind awareness as a tool of mutual observation, she researches the relation of the objective body in onebody space. Piotrowska is interested in process work discovering among others the tools of creating dramatic texts, creating the characters in dance theatre and work with states of mind and emotions and imagination.