The Dance Art Centre in Warsaw

Mazovian Institute of Culture
Institute of Music and Dance’s Partner

The Dance Art Centre in Warsaw is all about people and meetings. The project came to life on the initiative of non-governmental organisations collaborating as part of the Industry Committee on Social Dialogue on Dance operating at the Culture Bureau of the capital city of Warsaw. The organisations include foundations, associations, dance collectives and independent artist working for the benefit of the people of Warsaw, who pursue artistic activities in the area of contemporary dance, performance and neighbouring arts including the production and presentation of performances, dance education, dance criticism and dance theory.

Warsaw still does not have a permanent venue which the dance community could call home. We are trying to change this.

Dance Art Centre in Warsaw 2017-2019 is a three-year long project. The Dance Art Centre was established by the collaborative efforts of Warsaw dance artists and theoreticians who do not have a space where they could grow. The core objective of the Centre is the promotion of the activities of these organisations, collectives and artists via offering dance lovers an opportunity to learn and work together in areas such as artistic expression, education, social cooperation and dance theory.

The The Mazovia Institute of Culture (MIK) is the organisational unit of the Government of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

We are aiming at making MIK a modern centre for cultural education and research integrating animation activities and promoting outstanding artistic projects, as well as fulfilling the tasks of an art institution.

Our operations span one-off projects, projects that last a few days, a few months and the entire year: our offering includes festivals, courses, series of concerts and interdisciplinary projects; permanent operation of an art gallery and the provision of educational activities.

We are active in nearly all disciplines of art and address our offering to audiences inhabiting the entire Mazowieckie voivodeship – from both small towns and villages of the region and from Warsaw. We are also always on the lookout for new audiences and artists, new culture-forming communities and places where culture is particularly loved and welcome.