Kraków Choreographic Centre

Nowa Huta Cultural Centre
Polish Dance Network founding partner

Contemporary dance in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre is handled by a department specially established for this purpose - the Kraków Choreographic Centre. KCC works in local, urban, countrywide and international sphere, as a Centre of thought, education and artistic creativity in the field of dance. Its mission is presentation, promotion and professionalization of dance, with special emphasis on contemporary dance.

Kraków Choreographic Centre is trying to communicate with other areas of dance art by creating opportunities for interdisciplinary activities and meetings. Thanks to its own stage (KCC Studio) and regularly held events and festivals, the Centre supports the nationwide and international circulation of dance performances by the regular presentation of the latest Polish and foreign productions.

Kraków Choreographic Centre is the organizer of: SPACER Contemporary Dance Festival, BalletOFFFestival, 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... DANCE! Choreographic competition and international dance workshop KCC Dance Intensive.

The Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, present on the cultural map of Krakow since 1983, aims to prepare and engage the society to actively perceive culture in the broad sense, also by co-creating its value. Within the Centre there are over a dozen or so groups representing a wide range of dance and artistic activities, including the professional dance collective Around Centre Group.