The Institute of Music and Dance was established by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2010 with the task of supporting music and dance culture in Poland. To this end, it runs creative, scientific, publishing and educational programs from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, targeted at professional musicians and dancers, folk artists, artistic institutions and a wider audience.

In December 2018, the Institute took over the organization of the Polish Dance Network, recognizing it as one of the most important phenomena in Polish dance and taking over the PST patronage of the portal.

Polish Dance Network opening

Maciej Kuźmiński, creator & director of the Polish Dance Network, inaugurates the opening of the second year of the Network and cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance, represented by Vice-Director Aleksandra Dziurosz (on the right)

The Department of Dance, operating as part of the Institute, is responsible for implementing its own programs: "Choreographic orders", "Publishing program", "Stage for dance", "Think in motion", "Program for supporting professional retraining of dancers", "Supporting international activity" and " Residential exchange program. "

The Institute of Music and Dance is the main organizer of the national dance production review - Polish Dance Platform. Together with STUDIO, the theater also organizes the Studio Dance Stage project.

The Institute's latest initiatives are a 10-episode "Ballet" series prepared in cooperation with TVP Kultura, presenting the art of classical dance, as well as the "Polish Dance Chronicle", implemented thanks to the financial support of the "Independent" Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, documenting dance culture in Poland since its recovery through our country of independence in 1918.

The institute has a library with a reading room and a media center. He creates the National Dance Archive, the Polish Music Archive and the Polish Music Recordings Collection, including audio and video recordings, book publications, as well as iconographies, souvenirs and other archival materials related to Polish music and Polish dance.