Mościce Art Centre

Partner Dance Centre in 2019

Mościce Art Centre in Tarnów - Mościce was established on August 28th in 2006. The notarial act, analyzing the process of creating the Center, was signed on August 1st in 2007. Mościce Arts Centre, which is now a cultural institution of Lesser Poland Voividenship, continues the activity of the Culture Center of the Nitrogen Plants opened in 1971. On March 2nd in 2012 the institution changed its name into the Mościce Art Center. Its activity in the field of dance art has been conducted for many years by curator Bernadetta Cich and includes events such as the festival and the Open Stage competition or production of performances with the participation of young artists.

Priorities of the Mościce Art Center include protection of the multicultural heritage of Lesser Poland Voividenship - its cultivation, multiplication and promotion, inspiring active forms of participation in culture, sharing and promoting professional art, organizing permanent forms for presenting artistic achievements, promoting the most valuable achievements of artists and teams, cultural education and education through art - including patriotic and cultural education of children and young people, creating conditions for the disclosure and development of talents, including assistance to outstanding and young artists.

CSM+Małopolska - Bernadeta Cich