Old Brewery New Dance

Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk
Partner Dance Center in 2019
Founding partner of Polish Dance Network

The mission of Old Brewery New Dance – the performative program of Art Stations Foundation run in Poznan since 2004 - is to popularize, promote, and present the art of contemporary choreography. The major goal of the program is the intense support of the development of Polish dance makers by establishing the first Polish regular dance space and choreographic development center – a meeting point for local and international dance communities and a platform of artistic dialogue, research, creation, and choreographic reflection. Old Brewery New Dance supports Polish dance artists through educational, research, residency and production programs with flagship Alternative Dance Academy and Solo Project.

Since 2015 foundation grants also Grazyna Kulczyk research scholarship to support development of discourse around, and dissemination of knowledge on the art of contemporary choreography. Moreover, in 2011 the Foundation introduced the first regular dance program for children – Dancing Families - composed of show presentations, workshops and production possibilities for Polish artist creating for youngest audiences.

As an important part of its activities, Art Stations Foundation is very active in promoting Polish dance abroad, establishing artistic and educational relationships with international partners. In the years 2008-2012 Old Brewery was hosting and co-organizing 3 editions of Polish Dance Platform, and since 2008 is the Polish partner of Aerowaves Network and European DanceHouse Network (EDN) founding member.

Old Brewery New Dance programme is curated by Joanna Leśnierowska.