Regional Centre of Crossborder Culture

Founding partner of Polish Dance Network
Partner Stage in 2019

The Regional Centre of Crossborder Culture is a self - governed cultural organization, based on its own statute. RCCC meets education and culture development tasks for children, adolescents and adults, through organizing varied form of participation in culture. RCCC has a broad international activity, particularly focus on neighbouring countries, in order to present and develop culture of border nations and to build cross-cultural dialogue. There are fundamental goals of this cultural cooperation, such as society preparation and encouragement to active participation in culture, through varied offer of cultural action.

The Cultural Centre offer includes various artistic fields, such as theatre, film, classic music, entertainment music, drawing and dance addressed to all age groups and social groups. There are : Children’s Youth Dance Team “Kleks”, Modern Dance Team “Strecz”, “itd.” Theatre, Music band “Ciryam”, Brass Band, “s.t.r.a.c.h.” Theatre, “Echo” Choir ( cooperated with Polish Teachers’ Union) Literary Club, FotoClub, Open Art Studio, “Red apple” Seniors Club, Traditional Graphics Studio, “artKino” Cinema.
RCCC organizes several dozen exhibitions every year. There are sculpture, painting, arts and crafts, fabric exhibitions. Many of exhibitions presents other lines of cultural activities, such as dance, theatre or drawing.