Suwałki Cultural Centre

Partner Stage in 2019

Suwałki Cultural Center is currently the largest cultural institution in the Suwałki Region and the center of cultural life of Suwałki and the surrounding areas. The role of the center is primarily to meet the cultural needs of the local community.

By combining the tasks of the concert and theater hall with those typical for a community center, Suwałki Cultural Center conducts diverse activities in the field of animation, education, theater and music, with focus on developing creative expression and creativity.

Suwalki Cultural Center contains:

• Three floors of rooms for music, dance, theater and visual arts workshops.

• Andrzej Wajda auditorium – a professionally equipped two-storied theater and concert hall for over 650 spectators;

• Cameral Chamber for 100 spectators

Both stages are equipped with high quality sound system (Nexo), lighting, multimedia devices, and their operation is supervised by a trained technical team.